Sabado, Hulyo 12, 2014

Juan Miguel, Call Center... represent!

Hello Taga Call Center friends!

Meet Juan Miguel, a call center product trainer and an aspiring stand-up comedian.

He uses stand-up comedy as an ice breaker whenever he starts a discussion.
He first met Tim Tayag and Patrick Cruz when he and his wife attended Blogapalooza 2013 (he shares a blogsite with his wife, Alaine).

Later on, he signed up for Comedy Cartel's Laugh and Stack Open Mic showdown to hone his skills in stand-up comedy.

Born with a mixed race, he has been known by the guests as the "racially screwed" comic who shares his his stories about his Filipino-Indian mother raised him and how hard it is to grow up being a Mexican-Filipino.

His signature jokes include, the epic Robo Sipit, Mexican stereo-types and the Mexican Jesus making him the favorite of foreign guests.

Juan Miguel has been consistent with his performances. He has performed five times, winning the beer trophy twice and has become one of the Top 5 comics for his three performances. His hard work thus advanced him to the Grand Finals this December.

with Tim Tayag, Juan Miguel's Idol and mentor

We're inviting you to support, Juan Miguel on his journey to become a professional Stand-up comedian.

Check out Comedy Cartel's facebook page for their upcoming Open mic showdowns!

See you later!


9 (na) komento:

  1. Okay lang yan, pursue your dreams as atand up comedian. Great event for humble people.

  2. This is a nice way to hone your stand up comedy skills. It's also nice to watch people who are just starting as their ideas and humor are still fresh.

  3. Sabi nga nila mas madali daw paiyakin ung mga nanonood kesa patawanin, keep it up

  4. There was a time when I used to watch stand up comedians every so often. Now I don't get to do so anymore. I kind of miss it. I met Tim Tayag at Blogapalooza 2013 too. Nice guy! :)

  5. I love stand up comedians! Keep up the good work!

  6. Di pa ko nakakapunta sa Comedy Bar but Good luck to his career. :)

  7. I really hope to catch him onstage one of these days!!!